Two views of Chris Lastovicka's , from the abdomen up. Chris is wearing a brown suit, and their eyes are closed.

“Chris Lastovicka is a master who is able to write something so timeless and also so timely. It sounds like forgiveness…
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Fortune Has Turned (Remixed) is mesmerizing in its intensity, and overwhelmingly passionate. You don’t want to miss this one.”
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Track 1: The 7th Chapter of Job —music video

What do I do to you, you watcher of humanity? Why have you made me your target?
–Book of Job

“Fortune Has Turned (Remixed) is an absolutely gorgeous story in five movements. There’s grandeur, tenderness, elation…”
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Track 5: The End of Tyranny —music video

The end of separateness. The beginning of the heart.

Fortune Has Turned (Remixed) is a one of a kind album.”
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